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Serious Gaming for Students Minor Windenergy TU Delft

Work to do! How to manage the Operations and Maintenance of a virtual Offshore Windfarm.

January 7th 2016. At AMC Centre in Den Helder 46 students of TU Delft gathered for a day of Serious Gaming.
Divided in three groups the students were to operate and maintain an offshore windfarm. Although in a virtual setting the students had to deal with larger than life real scenarios that had to be taken into account in their decisionmaking process...
Every group consisted of multiple stakeholders and decisions were to be made that may not have been considered to be in the best interest of every stakeholder at that particular point in time.
How to deal with these kinds of situations? How do we make the Operations and Maintenance decisions that will work best for our combined interest? What are the variables we are dealing with? How do these affect our decisions and strategy? 

Communication, compromising, debating, leadership, knowledge, skills and attitude...

Well, you get the picture.... Serious gaming!!!

A great way of learning by doing. 

Text and photographs: Jantina Haan



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